19 June 2018
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European tournaments 2018


Maxibasketball Club “AMICO” – Champions’ Club

In the summer of 2018 Ukrainian Maxibasketball players participated in two European championships organized by FIMBA ( Federation of International Maxibasketball Associations) and ESBA (European Seniors Basketball Association). FIMBA organize every year the best mega-sporting events in the world: World Maxibasketball Championships, European Championships, FIMBA World Maxibasketball League tournaments. There is a huge competition while participants play in these significant FIMBA events in the most beautiful places of the world. Therefore teams-participants must have great sports and financial opportunities. FIMBA Maxibasketball European Championship was one of the biggest sport events by the number of participants in Slovenia this year. Maribor hosted more than 100 teams from all over the Europe.

More young ESBA Association has more democratic financial requirements. Only one Ukrainian female “Ladies’ Legion F40+” team took part in the 10th  FIMBA Maxibasketball European championship in Maribor, Slovenia. Most of players were from Kyiv with invited Elena Zhukova from MBC “AMICO”, Nikolayev City.

At this championship the group stage was played in a round robin format where only the winner of the group was advanced to the next round of the tournament to compete for medals with top teams from another groups. “Ladies’ Legion” team lost two games in the Pool C and couldn't participate in duels for medals. Ukrainian female team took the seventh place in the championship.

“AMICO” team’s coach Aleksandr Petrov was invited to the Moldovian team M60+ where he was the main factor for success in this tournament. It should be noted that in the past Aleksandr played during 12 seasons in the national USSR league. In the final Moldova team faced team of Germany which in the past had been a world champion and the champion of Europe in M55+ age division. In this encounter of European heavy weights Aleksandr Petrov and his teammates managed to lead for most of the game and take home Gold with a 56-50 victory.

During the Championship the meeting of the FIMBA International Women Committee was held in Maribor. Elena Zhukova as the member of this Committee took part in the conference. Participants of the meeting focused on the development of female Maxibasketball movement in Europe. At this conference Elena Zhukova received FIMBA award for information messages about Maxibasketball championships and tournaments. Her articles have been recognized as the highest standards of objective sports news.

Also Ukrainian Maxibasketball players participated in the 2018 ESBA Championship. Six men’s teams and four women’s teams competed in the host city Pula, Croatia. Pula is the largest city in Istria County. It is known for its multitude of ancient Roman buildings, the most famous of which is the Pula Arena, one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters and beautiful sea. The city has a long tradition of wine making, fishing, and tourism. Various layers of history took part in the making of this unique town in which Roman temples defy baroque palaces, early Christian churches stand face to face to Austrian villas, and the remnants of mediaeval walls are cut through by antique town gates. Ukrainian players and their relatives didn’t miss the chance to see one of the country’s most beautiful cities.

ESBA Championship 2018 took place from 16 to 23 of June, 2018. In the eldest male age group M70+ in the national team of Ukraine Nikolayev’s MBC “AMICO” was presented by Yakiv Kultigin, Boris Gotsuliak and Nikolay Drobitsko. Ukrainian veterans finished the Championship with two wins in a row against old rivals Lithuanian and Russian teams. They defeated Vilnuaus Statybos team 53-33 and Kazan team 44-37. Ukrainian players looked as decisive and dominant team. They proved that they were the best offensive team in M70+ age group in Europe.

In M65+ age group Ukrainian team claimed gold medals after their win 50-38 against Czech Republic. Vladimir Gamov from MBC “AMICO” was the main playmaker who in this final game scored more than a half points at the champions’ side – 26 points. Also he earned MVP title.

Nikolayev’s Maxibasketball players Yuriy Lakoshko and Andrey Berezhinskiy competed in  M55+ age group. In the intense final they met with Lithuanian BBG Perlas team.  In the middle of the game the difference was only 1 point, but later on Ukrainian team ran away and kept a safe distance from opponents recording a 67-57 victory.

The success of Ukrainian female team was also worth to mention about. Final in W45 age group was without any intrigue. Ukrainian team showed a great performance in this game and took an easily 57-16 win in the tournament against Latvian Dobele team. The top scorer for the champions was Tetiana Kurillo with 11 points.

Many players from Maxibasketball Club “AMICO” have reached high basketball level. European teams invite Nikolayev’s veterans to participate in famous international tournaments where they compete at the edge of what’s possible. Their example is an inspiration to all Maxibasketball players.

Members of Maxibasketball Club “AMICO” are very grateful to the founder and President of this Club Yuriy Zhukov for an opportunity to train, to reach perfection and to participate in international tournaments. The invaluable help for an organizing and financial support of  Maxibasketball players to participate in two European tournaments organized by FIMBA (Federation of International Maxibasketball Associations) and ESBA (European Seniors Basketball Association) was rendered by Maxibasketball Club “AMICO”. Club has a clear mission and a measurable long-term goals to provide a sustainable development of Maxibasketball which is a space for high performance competition for each age group. Maxibasketball Club “AMICO” helps veterans to lead a far more fulfilling and meaningful life. Ukrainian Maxibasketball players are really change makers in our society.




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