Fund for International Support of Masters of Basketball AMIGO unites those veterans and fans of basketball in Ukraine and abroad who want to continue doing sports and practicing basketball actively.

Hundreds of players in Ukraine, united in veterans clubs, show the advantages of healthy and active way of life, adding sportive life to their age but not age to their life in maturity. Can one imagine better example for the youth in how to avoid the damages from sedentary, smoking and drugs?

This website is designed to present Ukrainian Maxibasketball to wide public in Ukraine and worldwide. Here one may find all the important information about activity of AMIGO,  Association of Veterans of Basketball of Ukraine (AVBU) and some veterans clubs. You would read about Ukrainian basketball veterans teams’ history since their creation until today, about the activities in the different cities and our national events.

Starting from 2005 President of AMIGO represents FIMBA (Federation of International Maxibasketball Associations) in Ukraine and supports organization of participation of Ukrainian veterans Clubs and national teams in different games and events held by FIMBA (World and European Championships, World League Cup, etc.).

International AVBU and FIMBA events will be widely presented and described in this site. The update calendar with future events promoted by AVBU and FIMBA are also in the website. One will find rules of the game, regulations of tournaments and championships, reports and pictures of past events, and much more. The site is in permanent expansion, just like Maxibasketball itself.

If you play basketball or did it once, we would like to invite you to contact FIMBA Ukrainian representation (AMIGO) or AVBU club next door to your house and start enjoying your passion. You may support veteran's and child basketball donating to the Fund for International Support of Masters of Basketball AMIGO (ФИМБА).

Moreover, if you want to be youself in the most important celebration in the world, make friends, watch again the great figures of all the times, use the opportunity for sightseeing, and visit amazing and new places, we would like to invite you to the next FIMBA World Championship, European Championship, World League Cup, Ukrainian Championships and other tournaments.

Come with your family and surprise yourself.

Enjoy reviewing the site!

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